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Pigtronix Bass Station Custom Shop Pedal BSC


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Pigtronix Bass Station Custom Shop Pedal BSC Bass Compressor / FX-Loop / Boost / DI Pigtronix Bass Station is an all analog tone hub for the gigging and recording bassist. Independent compressor and booster circuits provide several forms of bass tone enhancement along with a true bypass effects loop and XLR DI output in parallel with the main ¼” output. The on-board FX loop is placed between the compressor and booster sections, making this incredibly flexible pedal an ideal centerpiece for the working bassist’s sound.


The compressor in the Bass Station is based on our acclaimed Philosopher Bass Compressor pedal. The BLEND control found in this circuit allows you to mix clean tone in parallel with the compressed sound in order to restore natural string attack and overall transparency. The SUSTAIN control sets the compressor’s threshold. This wide range knob is VERY powerful imparting everything from subtle optical limiting at lower settings to outrageous amounts of squash and sustain at higher settings. The VOLUME control sets the overall output level of the compression section while the GRIT switch mixes in a layer of harmonic grind inspired by Jack Bruce’s tone with Cream.


The BOOST control sets the overall boost level. Turning the knob clockwise will increase the available clean boost up to 12db. This circuit provides transparent signal level boost that is activated by the center footswitch. We have chosen an overall maximum of 12db in order to allow precision control of exactly how much level boost you want throughout the entire range of the knob.

Effects Loop (Send / Return):

The SEND and RETURN jacks will allow you to patch any other effect(s) in between the Compressor and Booster sections of this device. Simply connect the SEND jack to the input of the effect you are looking to insert and connect the output of the effect to the RETURN jack. The left footswitch allows you to being the external effects in and out and true bypass switching ensures total transparency when the loop is turned off.

XLR DI output:

The XLR output is wired in parallel with the main output to provide a DI signal for front of house mixing or tracking in the studio. Like the master ¼” output, the DI signal will contain the combination of Compressor, FX Loop and Boost sections you have activated at any given time.

Wrap Up:

The unique feature set of the Pigtronix Bass Station enables this pedal to serve as both the front end and master output section for your bass sound. Use it as a standalone tone enhancer, or combine it with other pedals placed in the FX loop for an unlimited array of sonic possibilities that can be switched in and out on the fly.