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Pigtronix OFO Disnortion


Sold out.

Pigtronix OFO Disnortion-Demoed one time in the store. Has a small fingerprint on the edge and the power adapter is not wrapped exactly like they do it at the factory.

The unique magic of the Pigtronix OFO Disnortion  is Fuzz and Overdrive wired in Parallel, allowing you to pile on the gain without sacrificing clarity, dynamic response, punch or low end.

The Pigtronix OFO Disnortion features three elements: a touch sensitive Overdrive, a Fuzz with 6 different filters, and a frequency doubler named Octava. Each effect is an original design and can each be used independently or in combinations to forge a tremendous range of musically responsive distortion sounds.

The Octava is wired in series before the Overdrive and Fuzz, allowing the pedal to produce a unique type of gated, gnarly grind that is absolutely devastating.

An additional buffered output provides a clean signal for parallel processing, direct recording or a side-chain trigger source for the Pigtronix EP-1.

  • Overdrive – The Pigtronix Overdrive responds to the dynamics of your playing using a proprietary, 6-stage gain architecture that retains the natural tone of your instrument, adding tube-like breakup as you play louder. This circuit is so touch sensitive, it has been described as “...more tube than tube.” You must hear it to believe it! From Clean or Gritty Boost right up through Plexi roar, the Pigtronix Overdrive is truly musical Overdrive.
  • Fuzz – Massive Gain, Full Bodied Sustain and Flexible Tone Shapes define the Disnortion's FUZZ effect. Pigtronix’s unique diode-clipping architecture provides plenty of compression and controllable feedback while preserving the dynamics of your playing style. The rotary tone control switch provides 6 musical EQ curves: Bass, Scoop, Treble, Smooth, F.A.T., and Full Range. The Pigtronix Fuzz can go from clean pre-amp duty to Hair Raising, Shred Fisted, Freak Out Pandemonium!
  • Octava – This frequency doubler effect makes the notes you play sound one octave up. A Filter control allows you to achieve singing octave up tones without adjusting your guitar’s tone control. Stable intervals such as 4ths and power chords result in knarly, tweezed out grind, while other intervals create ring-modulator textures in all registers. The Octava is wired in series with the other two effects for harmonic filled lead tones and outlandish bizarre crunch.

Created In Brooklyn, NYC. Combine the Octava with both Fuzz and Overdrive . . . fuggettaboutit!


  • Three independent analog Disnortion effects:

    • Touch Sensitive Tube Sound Overdrive

    • Searing Hot Fuzz with 6 Different Filters

    • Frequency Doubling Octava Up

  • Overdrive and Fuzz wired in Parallel

  • Superior Note Articulation, String to String Clarity

  • Huge Gain without Noise

  • Works great with any instrument

  • Super wide gain range from Clean Boost to Insanity

  • Octava has a dedicated Filter and works with Chords

  • Buffered Clean Output (Perfect for EP-1 Trigger!)

  • Individual Level Controls on each Effect

  • Pigtronix 15 VDC Adapter included

  • Circuit Design by Howard Davis.

Because of the complex switching that is necessary to make the OFO do all that it does, true bypass was not possible in this design. The OFO must be powered up for audio to pass through the pedal. When the unit is bypassed, there is no degradation of the audio signal.