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Retro Channel Trouble Booster

Retro Channel

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Retro Channel Trouble Booster Treble Boosters have been used for years by some of the top names in the business from Tony Iommi, to Judas Priest, and Brian May from Queen just to name a few.  The original Treble Boosters had no controls at all and were originally designed to goose the front end of AC30’s that did not come with the top boost option.
Over the year’s players of all genres realized that the Treble Booster circuit was special and something that could be used with Marshall’s, Fenders and other amps as well as just the Vox’s.
If you have experience with Treble Boosters you know that the name is a bit deceiving.  The TB’s don’t just boost treble; they add grit and punch to your tone in a way that no other pedal effect can accomplish.
The Retro Channel Trouble Booster supplies that tone in spades but also expands on the original by adding Level and Slope controls.  The level control does exactly what you would expect; it controls the amount of level and boost.
The Slope control actually allows the player to fine tune the frequency of the boost supplying tones much like the original but with so much more tonal flexibility.
Try our Trouble Booster today.  You will not regret it and the front end of your amp will love you.