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Rivera Double Shaman-Dual overdrive


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Rivera Double Shaman With two individual footswitch-selectable voices, the Double Shaman™ offers a vast range of versatile tones, providing distinct, separate texture ranges via its two “destinations,” Austin (for a modern blues-rock vibe) and LA (classic ’80s rock overdrive). Each destination includes its own controls for Level, Tone, and Drive, plus a Stack/Combo selector for maximum sonic flexibility.  The Stack setting allows you to fatten up your Strat or Tele.  Want to tighten up your Humbucker?  Flip to combo mode.

"The Double Shaman accomplishes a lot for a single pedal—it can transport you from the Sunset Strip circa ’87 to the South with the click of a switch. Both channels are highly specialized and offer up very different sounds for those who work across a wider tone field. In my experience, I’ve never come across a pedal that moved between two extremes and made them work so well together."-Premier Guitar June 2011

""The Double Shaman's LA channel gets you close to those cascaded gains of '80s stalwarts such as Steve Lukather, Van Halen and Slash."-Guitarist Magazine-June 2011