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Roger Mayer Classic Fuzz Pedal

Roger Mayer

Roger Mayer Classic Fuzz Pedal 

                                                                                FEATURES AND BENEFITS:

  • Fully optimized circuit design based on the original Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face solves the following original Fuzz Face problems:

    - Large variations of quality & consistency (often 20:1 reject ratio!)
    - Radio frequency interference
    - H.F. Oscillation (instability)
    - Transistor temperature sensitivity

  • Uses authentic PNP type germanium transistors carefully matched for gain and stability
  • Internal trim potentiometer permits factory circuit optimization
  • Employs all the improvements and modifications Roger Mayer made for Jimi Hendrix

The Classic Fuzz incorporates the same modifications that Roger Mayer personally developed for Jimi Hendrix and can be heard on his early recordings.

Electronically this effect uses the Fuzz Face configuration of the classic two transistor amplifier but the low parts count and simplicity of this configuration produced many problems in the first mass produced versions. The large variations in tone quality from unit to unit, radio pickup and high frequency oscillations, temperature causing tone quality to change all made life very difficult and it was not unusual to have to select from up to 20 units to find a really good one. No two units were the same!

Today's version has eliminated all of these problems and is representative of the best units that Jimi used. PNP Germanium transistors of the exact same type that were used in the early versions are very carefully selected for gain and stability to produce the rich smooth rounded tones that the later version NPN silicon transistors failed to emulate. These are still used by many modern manufacturers in so called vintage Fuzz Face versions. Germanium transistors do not pickup radio or oscillate and a pre-set has been added on the PC card to enable the unit to be optimized at varying temperatures. It is unquestionably the most accurate "Vintage fuzz effect" manufactured today that replicates the sound of the early Hendrix tracks. The Roger Mayer Classic Fuzz has the genuine pedigree and heritage and you can rest assured of having a device designed and built by the man who was there.