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Roger Mayer Classic-X Fuzz Pedal

Roger Mayer

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Roger Mayer Classic-X Fuzz Pedal

The Roger Mayer Rocket Classic Fuzz has been updated with additional features into Roger Mayer's standard enclosure. This brings this popular design into a modern player and pedal board friendly package.



This buffer allows the fuzz circuitry to interface better with standard wah pedals and the high input impedance allows the full tone capabilities of the pickups to be heard without the loss of detail produced by a low impedance input. The buffer can be activated on or off by moving two jumpers on the pc card so you can hear the difference easily.


Allows tweaking without destroying units overall tone character.


Essential for trouble free interfacing for all situations.


Just slide the cover back to reveal the battery. Could not be faster.


Allows the use of commercial powering units. Extra internal filtering ensures low noise performance and the standard polarity convention is also maintained.

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Classic-X Design Features:

The Classic-X Fuzz is a modern evolution from the commercial germanium transistor fuzz pedals Roger Mayer modified for Jimi Hendrix. The Classic-X maintains the guitar's original tone characteristics with the open sound and sonic heritage that is the trademark of Jimi's recordings. The new feature and advantages of the front-end buffer will appeal to those players who strive for a modern sound with strong roots in the past. The use of front end buffering was pioneered by Jimi and used in his recordings. You can select this feature by moving the jumpers on the pc card.

Make no mistake this is not a clone of an old design that duplicates the original faults and shortcomings. Roger Mayer has used the same basic transistor configuration but with several new innovations applied to the very basic circuit that was used then. Roger Mayer employs a careful selection procedure for the two PNP germanium transistors and the pc card also has a pre-set to optimize the circuit for varying operational temperatures. The new Classic-X is a very Low Noise high gain design, stable, free from radio and other electronic interference that cause so much trouble.

It has a greatly increased output level that enables it to overdrive the front end of any amp as hard as you want with the Drive set to minimum distortion in volume boosting mode. Turn up the Gain or Drive control and produce some of the deepest and tight low-end fuzz you have ever heard with the top end staying sweet encouraging soaring string bends and wild solos. The Fatness Control has been carefully developed to produce a wide range of well-rounded musical tone colors.

The unit really comes into it's own during live performance situations as it cleans up superbly well using the guitar volume control and maintains the guitars original tone as the signal decays from wild distortion to original guitar tone. This unit can be effectively controlled from the guitar making life a great deal easier for the player who likes to change tone effortlessly.

Because the circuit senses and uses electronic information directly from the guitar's pickups to control its own operational parameters it is recommended to use the Classic-X first in the signal processing chain to take full advantage of this internal feed forward feature. It is this particular feature of the Classic-X that helps to make it quite different from early fuzz pedals and makes the unit respond very well to each individual players touch, style and playing technique.

Five minutes playing with the Classic-X Fuzz will convince anyone this is not just a re-hashed design but genuinely innovative with some new tone colors. Also when using the buffered outputs you have a package that interfaces perfectly in modern digital recording situations.



The Classic - X has a hard wire output (true bypass) plus two buffered outputs that can drive long cable lengths with no high frequency loss. These buffered outputs are disconnected when the hard wire output is being used. This means that all performance situations are catered for whether you want a true hard wire output or your situation calls for the advantages of buffered outputs.


No more screws to loose!. Slide the front panel back and there is the battery. It could not be simpler or faster.


50Hrs or more using a premium grade alkaline 9 Volt type.


An external AC adapter (not supplied) can be used and access is through a standard DC power jack situated next to the jack sockets. It uses the standard negative centre pin connection protocol used by many leading manufacturers. Internal onboard filtering ensures that optimum low noise performance is maintained and diode protection provides peace of mind in case or polarity setting mistakes.


The position of the jack sockets and DC power jack are all on the same side of the enclosure and face away from you thus enabling the effect to be optimally positioned in pedal board set-ups.

Size: Width 170 x Depth 112 x Height 57mm. Weight: 640g with battery.