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Roger Mayer Page 1 Classic

Roger Mayer

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Roger Mayer Page 1 Classic

In 1964 Roger Mayer designed his first fuzz guitar effects pedal that was used by Jimmy Page and featured on many early hit records.
After 40 plus years, this early ground breaking fuzz will be available again. It uses carefully selected germanium transistors and has the same distortion section as the original 1964 version. An added carefully tuned passive fatness control follows the distortion section that will add fatness without messing up the guitar's detail or the distortion characteristics. It has all the features of the new Classic Series with Hard Wire and Buffered Dual Outputs and is housed in the same style of new enclosure. This reissue meets our strict guidelines of keeping the best of the old but also adding some new noteworthy modern features and we at Roger Mayer welcome you to step on to a piece of genuine history.

Page-1 Classic Front Panel Controls:

DRIVE: This sets the amount of distortion.

FATNESS: A combination circuit tailored to provide control to the overall tone depth and is not just a simple top cut circuit.

OUTPUT:The output level boost available can also be used to drive the amplifier very hard if required.