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Seymour Duncan Tweak Fuzz SFX-02

Seymour Duncan

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 The Seymour Duncan Tweak Fuzz™ is the production version of what was formerly a boutique fuzz pedal that features a six-position “Tweak” control for tonal versatility. Great for pop, classic rock, heavy rock, punk and metal.

The Tweak Fuzz features a six-position “Tweak” switch to voice the fuzz tone. This basic tone will be familiar to those who remember the rich, lush, vintage fuzz tones of the ‘60s pop festivals. But with the addition of the Tweak switch, the player can now create a myriad of totally unique fuzz tones, making the Tweak Fuzz an incredibly versatile pedal for electric guitar and bass. Discrete, Class A, low-noise transistor with true bypass. Steel chassis. Runs on a single 9 volt battery.


Feature Benefit
Tweak Control Engages one of six pre-set EQ resonances that give an overall “flavor” to the Tweak Fuzz, rolling off the bottom end and influencing the behavior of the Gain control. Each of the six frequencies was chosen and voiced to enhance rich harmonics and bring out the most flattering qualities of your guitar or bass.
Gain Control Controls the amount of square wave clipping distortion. It can go from mildly distorted to all-out fuzz fury.
Volume Control Sets the overall volume to the optimum level. Whether you want to set it to match the bypassed signal or whether you want a big boost when you engage your Tweak Fuzz: it’s your decision.
True Bypass Removes the circuit from your guitar’s signal chain, allowing your guitar’s signal pass through the Tweak Fuzz without affecting your tone or gain.
Power Source Standard 9-volt battery or regulated 9V DC power supply.
Versatile The Tweak feature allows you to voice the box to your tone preference. Works with guitar or bass. It works especially well with non-master volume amps.
Durable Heavy-duty 1.6 mm steel sheet metal means this unit is built to be stomped.
Current consumption: 2 milliamps
Gain range: 23dB to +50dB
Dimensions: 4.62” wide x 5.10” deep x 2.2” tall
Type of circuitry: Discrete, Class A, low-noise transistor
Power: DC 9 V battery, or regulated 9-12 V DC adapter