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Voodoo Lab Amp Selector

Voodoo Lab

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 The Voodoo Lab Amp Selector is the ultimate stand-alone tool for switching your guitar into multiple amplifiers. It lets you use up to four amps simultaneously without added hum or loss of tone. You can switch between them or layer them in any combination. The switching is absolutely silent with no clicks or pops. If you play multiple amplifiers, this is what you've been waiting for.

The Amp Selector's unique programmable switching lets you tailor its operation to your own playing style. On/off mode allows you to operate it as four independent on/off controls. Or exclusive mode means that whichever button you select, only that amplifier is active. This permits you to change amps with only a single button press, no need to first turn one off and then another on. You can even use both modes simultaneously to provide one touch control yet still select an additional amp for layering!

Level controls for each output provide a convenient way to balance the volume between amps. There is also second input which if used will split the Amp Selector into two separate A/B/Both functions. This is great for applications using two guitars (electric and acoustic, for example) or a stereo signal path. And it includes a tuner out, which gives you an additional output without loading down your guitar's tone. Or course you can use this output to run a tuner, but it can also drive a direct signal to a console or even chain additional Amp Selectors if you need more than four amps.

Uses a 9VDC regulated power supply, center negative (not included).