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Zinky Master Blaster Clean Boost


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 The Zinky Master Blaster is designed for use with all styles of playing, is extremely quiet in operation, has a highly versatile tone control, and can be plugged directly into a variety of amplifiers. Most notably, Master Blaster can add up to 9 dB of clean volume to an amp without coloring the tone in ANY way at all. Master Blaster can also be set to add a treble “shimmer” to the tone, or conversely, to “warm up” an overly bright tone. Master Blaster includes separate tone and volume controls, and a true bypass footswitch for on/off operation, all powered by a 9V battery or 9V power adaptor (included). The Master Blaster’s electronics are housed in a rugged brushed stainless steel case with eye catching graphics and a dazzling blue LED. As with all Zinky products, Master Blaster is made exclusively in the USA by Zinky Electronics.