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Roger Mayer Voodoo-Axe Classic Pedal

Roger Mayer

The Roger Mayer Voodoo-Axe Classic

The Voodoo-Axe is Roger Mayer’s latest fuzz guitar effect pedal and has many of the qualities the Axis Fuzz which he designed for Jimi Hendrix in 1968. The original Axis Fuzz is still in production today but the Voodoo-Axe offers an alternative and exciting range of new modern tone colors for those who want to experience the same basic sound qualities of the original but extend and modify the tone to suit today's music.

Roger Mayer has taken this great classic fuzz sound and added a very effective Fatness control which extends and tightens the low end response without becoming woolly and indistinct. The very tight and extended low end was expressly designed to complement the use of dropped tunings and dynamically responds very well to this new range of modern sounds. The Voodoo-Axe reacts in a human way to the players touch as it uses a significant part of this information to continuously adjust its operating point. The quality of distortion produced is very musical to the ear and responds well to the use of chords.
The Guitar volume control works in perfect harmony with the unit to control the amount of distortion. The background noise is very low and encourages the use of lots of sustain without hiss and the extremely large output swing will drive the front end of any amplifier to its limit. It has the highest output level of any of my distortion or fuzz units and you can use it very effectively as a power booster.

Electronically the Voodoo-Axe shares all the same basic Voodoo Series features with dual output buffering or hard wire output etc. The distortion section use discrete transistors in the same configuration as the Axis but with added passive EQ to give more flexibility. The Voodoo-Axe is housed in RM’s  Classic Style enclosure with both dual direct drive buffered outputs or hard wire output and has provision for an internal 9-Volt Battery (battery life 150Hrs) or can be powered from a 9-Volt DC Power Adapter (not supplied).