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Acorn Amps Circuit Fuzz

Acorn Amps

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Acorn Amps Circuit Fuzz-White

With the Circuit Fuzz, Acorn Amplifiers has debuted the first effects pedal that provides a bonus effects pedal PCB right on the face of the pedal. Two for one! Perfect for the guitarist interested in building their first effects pedal or a seasoned tinkerer that mods every piece of gear they own. The removable PCB is a simple boost circuit that can be built into a separate pedal or incorporated into the Circuit Fuzz itself. Build instructions available on the ‘Boost PCB Build’ tab at the top of this page.

The Circuit Fuzz pedal itself is a deceptively simple yet versatile dual transistor fuzz that sweeps between overdrive, distortion, and fuzz tones with the turn of a single knob. Simplicity in design, yet versatility in action - these are the goals of each circuit designed by Acorn Amps and the Circuit Fuzz is no exception. 


Features include: 

  • Hand built and hand wired from start to finish by obsessive compulsive perfectionists in Atlanta, GA

  • Removable boost effect pedal PCB right on the face of the pedal

  • Two transistor fuzz pedal featuring one silicon transistor and one hand-picked NOS germanium transistor

  • Fuzz control sweeps between slight gritty boost all the way to wily fuzz crunch

  • Assembled entirely with high-quality, audio grade components and rugged latching foot switches and metal Switchcraft jacks

  • Powered by standard 9 VDC pedal power and consumes less than 30mA of current