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AMT Electronics HR-1 Heater JFET OD/Boost

AMT Electronics

AMT Electronics HR-1 Heater JFET OD/Boost

AMT HEATER HR-1 is an analog of the legendary Tube Screamer in nature, but developed on the basis of modern components including JFET transistors. Such an approach allows you to look at the well-known pedal at different angle and discover new opportunities and colors of guitar sound.

The most attention in the process of the pedal development was paid to the sound quality due to the use of film capacitors.

The device features true bypass, which on the one hand calls for high quality cables, on the other – leaves the original instrument sound intact when the effect is off.

The pedal is powered either by 9V-battery or 9-12V power adaptor. The extended power voltages range is convenient if the «heater» is used along with a tube pedal which normally require 12V adaptor. In this case you can use single power adaptor via coupler.

With HR-1 used as a booster, overdrive or distortion any guitarist will find his/her special sound.


  • True bypass
  • JFET transistors in sound section
  • High-quality components
  • Film capacitors in sound section
  • Lightness and compactness
  • Low voltage consumption