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AMT Electronics Legend Amps V1

AMT Electronics

AMT Electronics Legend Amps V1:

The V1 Legend Amp Series pedal. Years and years of classy UK British VOX* tones packed into one tiny powerhouse of a pedal. The uses for the V1 are nearly endless.

First off, it can be used as a smooth but punchy low gain overdrive pedal to recreate the historic sounds of VOX* amplifiers. Just enough gain to get to that sweet spot, without going into hard rock or metal distortion. This is an overdrive pedal. Works incredibly well in combination with high volume tube amplifiers and your guitar's volume knob.

You will find that the V1 can also double as a preboost or post boost pedal on your pedalboard. As seen below in the video, the V1 blends perfectly with other overdrive pedals. This give the player more range of gain, boost, and tonal variations. So why buy an expensive boost pedal with one know and one footswitch, when the V1 can do so much more!

Lastly, the V1 can be used as a speaker simulated connection to your computer or mixer for super easy, great sounding, direct signal sound. No need for cumbersome mics and preamps. All you need is the V1.

The Legend V1 has a built in effects loop within the circuitry of the pedal. On the right side of the pedal are FX IN and FX OUT jacks. This lets the user correctly run extra pedals in the chain such as reverb, delay, chorus, etc. It's just like the FX SEND and RETURN on the back of an amplifier.

The pedal also has a CHANNEL SEND and RETURN located on the left side of the pedal. This is a loop for connecting other preamp or overdrive pedals into the chain of the V1. This lets the V1 act as your main control box, or hub, of your pedalboard.

Please note the CHANNEL or FX loop sections do not have to be used for the pedal to function. The guitarist can simply use the main IN and OUT jacks on the pedal.

Another useful feature of the Legend F1 is it's extra DC outputs. There is a 12vDC input jack on the right side of the pedal. Then on the right AND left side are also 12vDC output jacks to run DC power to 2 other pedals.

The F1 offers two output settings via a toggle switch on the left side of the pedal. User can select either +4dB AMP output or -10dB CAB SIM output.

Controls include LOW and HIGH tone adjustments on the top row of the pedal; and LEVEL, MASTER, and GAIN on the bottom row.

So what are you waiting for! This pedal is LOADED with features. Check you local AMT dealer today to try out the new Legend F1 Fender Twin* pedal!

-  TRUE BYPASS. The preamps of the Legend Amp Series pedals use passive true bypass circuitry, therefore no loss of guitar signal is noticed in your pedal chain. Similar to if no pedal was there at all when bypassed.

- TWO signal outputs: DIRECT AMPLIFIER OUT for guitar amplifier use and CAB SIMULATION OUT for mixer, or studio use.

- Power saving mode. When the speaker simulation output jack is not in use, the pedal automatically switches to power saving mode. Current consumption (from 9V power unit) is less than 6mА (in power saving mode it drops to 4mА).


AMT Electronics Legend Amp Series, the NEW STANDARD of Heavy Guitar Tone.


* Names used in this document are trademarks of their respective owners, which are in no way are associated or affiliated with AMT Electronics. These trademarks of other manufactures were used to identify products whose sounds were reviewed in the making of this product.