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Analog Man Bi Chorus w/Top Jacks

Analog Man

Sold out.

 In January 2005 we came out with three new pedals, two were chorus pedals. The BI-CHORUS is one we have custom made until now, in random cases. Now we have had a batch of aluminum Hammond style die-cast boxes professionally powder-coated and silk-screened for the first production version. Though the Standard Chorus has been selling better than ever, we thought it was time to add some cool features without changing the awesome tone of the pedal that we have spent years refining. And I had been enjoying my custom BI-CHORUS on my pedalboard for some time!

Special BI-CHORUS Features

  1. The BI-CHORUS offers two sets of SPEED and DEPTH knobs, allowing two different chorus settings to be selected without having to adjust any knobs. Not two pedals in one, but two sound presets.
  2. The Bi-Chorus is available with SIDE JACKS or TOP JACKS (as shown above) to allow close fitting or cleaner wiring on pedalboards. Side jacks have the INPUT and OUTPUT jacks on the right and left of the knobs as shown below on the stereo BI-CHORUS picture.
  3. BLINKING super bright LEDs. The selected side's LED, when ON, will blink in time to the chorus speed setting. One is RED and one YELLOW.
  4. Standard MIX trim pot is inside the pedal, to allow adjusting the wet/dry mix. See OPTIONS below for more info on what MIX does.
  5. Same size an standard chorus in a normal MXR style case.

Here is a 3MB avi VIDEO of the BI-CHORUS demonstrating two settings and how the switches work. It is using a $90 Roland Cube amp with my demo Hagstrom guitar and the camera's mic so don't pay much attention to the sound.

The BI-CHORUS is the same exact circuit and sounds the same as the normal chorus. The only difference is the A-B Switch, which allows selecting one of two sets of SPEED and DEPTH knobs, not just a second speed, and the other features above.