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Analog Man CompROSSor 4-knob Version 5 w/NOS 1979 RCA Comp chip

Analog Man

Sold out.

Analog Man CompROSSor 4-knob  version Version 5
Version 5 Analog Man offers the 4 Knob Large Comprossor. An improved, updated ROSS compressor with hand tested, selected transistors and NOS 1979 RCA Compressor chip We always use New Old Stock (NOS) CA3080E chips in our comps, I don't think any other well-known brands are still using them. They were made by RCA, then Harris, then Intersil as the company was renamed over the years. We have some original 1979 RCA CA3080E chips that I have been saving for years, and this one has it I don't think they sound much different, but they are the exact same ones used in the old grey Ross compressors so it's pretty cool to have one in your pedal.. Also includes the Mix knob, Attack location (attack moved to internal trimpot) true bypass, LED, and power jack. An amazing pedal!!