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Animals Pedal Car Crush Chorus/Vibe

Animals Pedals

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Animals Pedal Car Crush Chorus/Vibe

The Animals Pedal Car Crush Chorus/Vibe recreates that coveted Uni-Vibe sound that drove the Psychedelic sounds of the '60s in a compact, easy to use device. A mini-toggle switch lets you change from a rich, vibrant traditional chorus effect to the waving, quivering, jolting vibrato sounds coveted by guitarists all over the world.

All Animals pedals feature artwork by Jonas Claesson, operate on 9v power, feature true-bypass switching, and are made to exacting standards of performance and durability using only the highest quality parts and materials.

  • DEPTH: Adjusts the depth of the vibration
  • RATE: Adjusts the speed of the vibration
  • COLOR: Makes fine adjustments to the frequency response to control the sound
  • CHORUS-VIBE: Select chorus or vibe effect