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Animals Pedal Dawn Ocean Meditation Booster

Animals Pedals

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Animals Pedal Dawn Ocean Meditation Booster

Clean booster. A deep and wide world is spreading to pedals that simply raise the volume of the guitar sound.
Raise the volume without distorting the sound itself. Increasing the volume increases the signal level sent to the amp and subsequent effectors.
As the signal level increases, the strength and ease of distortion differ with the volume.
Furthermore, the edges and balance of each band, including the overtone components, change slightly, which has various effects on the overall guitar sound.

The Animals Pedal Dawn Ocean Meditation Booster is a clean booster designed by Wren and Cuff that reproduces numerous vintage tones and produces the world-renowned fuzz pedals.

The powerful sound of a classic style booster. It is a booster that gives the tone itself a thickness without breaking the rough balance of high, mid, and low frequencies.
Emphasis on boost sound over boost level. It's a pedal that sounds rougher than a typical clean booster, which boosts the impulse.

● Control
BOOST: Adjusts the boost level. It boosts only a little at the minimum, and after 2 o'clock it changes to a stronger boost. The maximum boost is +15 dB.

The Dawn Ocean Meditation Booster features a true bypass footswitch and is powered by a 9V battery or a standard center minus DC 9V adapter.

● Spec
boost level: Maximum + 15dB
Current consumption: 1mA
Input impedance: 5M
Output impedance: 1K

* When using the battery, unplug it from the input jack to reduce battery consumption when storing the effector. Also, remove the batteries before storing the product if it will not be used for a long period of time.