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Animals Pedals Sunday Afternoon Is Infinity Bender Fuzz V2

Animals Pedals

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Animals Pedals Sunday Afternoon Is Infinity Bender Fuzz V2

Reproduce the tone bender sound designed by Wren and Cuff, who produces the world-famous fuzz pedal that reproduces numerous vintage tones.The Sunday Afternoon Is Infinity Bender brings back the fuzz sound of the mid-1960s, which had a huge impact on many fuzz pedals. A thick and warm fuzz tone with a center of gravity near the low to mid. It is even heavier than the fuzz face, and the higher the fuzz, the higher the edge.

It is a characteristic that is exactly like a tone bender. The SMOOTH knob allows you to adjust the fuzz fluff, smoothness, and tone balance. If you combine it with a clean amp, setting FUZZ high will give you a “fuzz-like” tone. If you combine it with a tube amp, let's make a sound with FUZZ starting around 12 o'clock. You can also lower the FUZZ and bring the pickup to the front to create an intensely warm and soft tone.