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Aphex Punch Factory


 Aphex Punch Factory

Studio Quality Optical Compression for Guitar and Bass

The Punch Factory takes Aphex’s legendary optical technology – normally only found in expensive rack-mounted studio gear – and puts it at your feet and into your live performance. It’s truly the most transparent, uncolored compression you can find at any price.
Punch Factory levels out volume peaks and dips, maintaining a consistent level within your mix. Quiet passages no longer get lost, and louder passages don’t overpower. All without the pumping, breathing artifacts commonly found in most compressor pedals. The new Punch Factory has something that most other optical compressors don’t have a Ratio Control. This allows changing the amount of compression without overtly affecting the level.
If you’re familiar with the sound of a high-quality studio compressor, you’ll know what to expect from the Punch Factory. If you’re used to the typical, highly colored sound of most compressor pedals, Punch Factory will be a welcome surprise. It’s truly the best sounding compressor you’ll never hear.

Aphex Optical Element

The optical element used in the Punch Factory is engineered by Aphex to provide unique characteristics that are ideal for musical instrument compression – no other optical compressor sounds this good because Aphex doesn’t settle for off-the-shelf, conventional optical elements.

Benefits for Your Tone

When used well, a proper compressor will extend the sensitivity of an instrument, bringing up the tonal nuances that contain the sensuality of your music. That goes just as well for basses as guitars. Your music will be more consistent, filling the volume envelope more fatly, making the track stand out better in a mix. Similarly, in live music, you will fill better and your playing will be more apparent among the band.


Typically, compression gathers more sustain. When you play, you hear the notes last longer because the compressor keeps raising the level automatically until it runs out of gain. Every time you hit a chord or note, the compressor attacks on the sound envelope and reduces its volume, then the volume releases back up as the sound dies out.


Conventional compressors attack at different rates. Too fast an attack will suck the life out of your music while too slow loses effectiveness. The Aphex Punch Factory has a complex attack characteristic that adapts to the sound, letting it emerge enhanced, or subtly exaggerated. This creates Punch, aiding the articulation of the sound and creating a lush and full sound.