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Audiotech MB-1


Audiotech MB-1 Can’t seem to get enough mid range frequency from your current amplifier or guitar rig? Or perhaps your sound guy has you a little burried in the mix and you want to break through for solos. Well, enter the Audiotech MB-1 Mid Boost. This pedal provides up to 25db of mid range boost to any amplifier or guitar rig. Helping you stand out and cut through the mix. The MB-1 helps to add clarity on rhythm parts too.

It works well with any “amp modeler” unit. (i.e.: Line 6, Digitech, etc.) And it also features genuine Audiotech “True Bypass” switching so your guitar signal is never degraded and loaded down when the MB-1 Mid Boost is switched out of the audio path.

Because the pros know the MB-1 Mid Boost is the key to great tone.