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Baroni Lab Dave's Comp

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Baroni Lab Dave's Comp

In the world of guitar compressor pedals, few stomp boxes have the rich, crisp attack and languishing sustain that can be achieved when Dave’s Comp is put into action.

Suitable for any style of music, from jazz to metal and everything in between, Dave’s Comp accentuates every note of the instrument which really brings definition and character to your tone.

In addition to stand alone versatility, Dave’s Comp is a team player, and will work harmoniously with other effects pedals. Experiment with different placement within your guitar’s signal chain for varying sounds, all with great results.

It’s not only good for the guitar; Dave’s Comp also works fantastically with Bass.

With its three knobs Dave’s comp is very simple to tune in.

ATTACK: This adjusts how the pedal responds to the input signal and how fast it affects the notes.

VOLUME: This controls the overall output level of Dave’s Comp. Quite often when a guitar signal is compressed it can appear to be lower in volume especially at high compression ratios.  The volume comes last in the circuit and allows the compressed signal to be boosted. Alternatively compression can be dialed back and the volume can be cranked up which allows Dave’s Comp to also double as a clean boost for solos or to push the input of an amp or pedal.

SUSTAIN: This knob simultaneously adjusts the compression ratio and effect release of Dave’s Comp which we have perfectly balanced to give optimal results.

Here at Baroni Lab we believe that Dave’s comp is the finest Compressor stompbox on the market today and it can breathe new life into even the dullest sounding of instruments. Our customer feedback is telling us the same.

Try it for yourself and prepare to be amazed.

Controls: Volume, Attack, Sustain, Bypass footswitch
Power Supply: 12V DC Power Adapter
Dimensions: 98(L) x 40/30(H:Top/Bottom) x 125(W) mm

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Please Note: Our pedals only work with 12V.