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Baroni Lab GD Drive

Baroni Lab

Despite its calm and cool exterior, the GD Drive is not the kind of pedal to take lightly.  Finding its place somewhere between overdrive and distortion, the GD Drive uses specially selected germanium components which are matched and placed in the optimum position within it’s circuit to provide a sweet, creamy distortion thick with natural paired harmonics.  The result is a drive which sounds great with both single coils and humbuckers.

Baroni Lab GD Drive

The GD Drive has a classic tone in every sense of the word.  Versatility is a key element of this stomp box, with the tone ranging from softer boost drive to fully saturated lead tones which sustain and swell into a natural harmonic feedback.  If classic rock and germanium overdrive is your thing, you can’t go wrong with the GD Drive.

Controls: Drive, Tone, Volume, Bypass footswitch
Power Supply: 12V DC Power Adapter
Dimensions: 106(W) x 42/32(H:Top/Bottom) x 131(D) mm

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Please Note: Our pedals only work with 12V.