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Baroni Lab LFO Stereo Panner

Baroni Lab

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Baroni Lab LFO Stereo Panner

Stereo LFO Panner

Specifications and Features

  • 12v External power
  • Controls
  • Depth: Adjusts the amount of Tremolo that will be applied to your signal.
  • Speed: Speed Knob- Adjusts the speed of the pan from left to right and vice-versa.
  • Wave Form: Choose from 8 different wave forms- Ramp up, Ramp down, Square, Triangle, Sine, Sweep, Lumps and Random
  • Phase: Allows the adjustment of the tremolo until it begins to warp by modulating between positive and negative phase with a rhythmic pattern creating a spacious stereo effect.
  • Rate: As the Rate knob is turned from the Counter-Clockwise (minimum) position to the Clockwise (maximum) position, the frequency rate increases.

Input- Guitar Input

Out L (left)- Sends signal

Out R (Right) Sends signal


The Stereo LFO Panner pedal allows significant control over the shape of modulating waveform to create a show-stopping stereo effect. Hook up the Stereo Panner in stereo (each output to a separate amp/mixer channel) and you have a panner pedal that will send your instrument signal back and forth between two amps with control over waveform shape, rate, depth, speed and phase. So, while one amp is fading up in volume, the other will be fading down in volume or even more dramatic: while one amp is on, the other is off.