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Bearfoot FX Putting Green Optical Compressor

Bearfoot FX

Bearfoot FX Putting Green Optical Compressor

The Putting Green is an optical compressor tweaked to mimic amp and speaker compression that blends with your tone. Works equally well on guitar, bass, acoustic, and you can even put it in your soundboard's aux and use it on everything. One of the quietest comps around, you will wonder if it's on until you turn it off....and very quickly want it back on! Active treble control and subtle bass control helps to perfect the match and make it a very versatile compressor and lead boost.
  • Volume - Sets the output level. 
  • Compression - Sets the amount of compression. Turning right boosts more signal into the optical circuit resulting in more compression. 
  • Treble - Adjusts the high end frequency response after the compression circuit. 
  • Bass - Adjusts the low end frequency level feeding into the optical circuit. . 


  • True Bypass
  • Compressor, preamp, lead booster, and EQ with a few simple controls.
  • Standard 9v power supply (not included). Current draw 12mA. Can be run from 8v to 18v. 
  • Made in the USA