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Carl Martin Bass Chorus

Carl Martin

Sold out.

The Carl Martin Bass Chorus is designed specifically for bass. Typical chorus effects are made for guitar use, with the chorus effect concentrated on the midrange notes. The effect is therefore very weak or non-existent on the low notes. With the Carl Martin Bass Chorus, the chorus effect is fully intact as far down as low B, which makes a huge difference in the way the pedal sounds.

The Bass Chorus features two identical channels, each with a DEPTH and SPEED control, a 3 mm. blue LED flashing the speed setting, and an on/off and select switch. It is hardwired for 115V operation.

When you switch channels with the select switch from a slow speed setting to a fast speed setting, the change in speed is not instant, but slow. It is similar in sound to the way a Lesley changes speed from slow to fast.

Dimensions (approximate): 7.25" wide x 4.75" deep x 2.25" high
Weight (approximate): 1.9 lbs.