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Catalinbread Epoch Boost/Belle Epoch Tape Echo Limited Box Set Features:


Catalinbread Epoch Boost/Belle Epoch Tape Echo Limited Box Set Features:

Epoch Boost:

  • Preamp/buffer pedal for electric guitar
  • Faithfully re-creates the preamp circuit from the original EP-3 tape echo processor
  • Takes 9V power (sold separately) but internally shifts it to 22V for greater dynamics and headroom
  • Acts like a mastering processor for your guitar tone, making it bigger, livelier, and more vibrant
  • Switchable buffer for maintaining your tone over long cable runs
  • Great way to make your guitar tone bigger in a way that basic EQ or compression can't achieve

Belle Epoch Tape Echo:

  • Faithful digital re-creation of the original EP-3 Tape delay units
  • Discrete preamp improves your guitar tone from low-volume cleans to saturated fuzz
  • Mix knob rotates from 100% dry to 100% wet signal for super-creative, precise control
  • Tone/Record Level controls the punch of the initial repeat
  • Sway/Mod brings back the random "wow"/flutter effects for realistic tape sound
  • Echo Sustain lets you decide how much delay signal to feed back into the delay line
  • Echo Delay controls delay time; set it anywhere within the EP-3's original 80–800ms range
  • Self-oscillation (Echo Sustain set high) makes it an instrument in itself
  • Internal trim pot sets preamp gain
  • Made in the USA

Tech Specs

  • Pedal Type:Boost/Buffer, Tape Delay Bundle
  • Analog/Digital:Digital (delay), Analog (boost)
  • True Bypass:Delay: Yes (switchable to trails mode), Boost: Yes
  • Power Source:Delay: 9V-18V DC Negative Ground (sold separately), Boost: 9V DC power supply (sold separately)
  • Power Usage:Delay: 60mA, Boost: 2mA
  • Manufacturer Part Number:EPOCH SET