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CIOKS Superpower Bundle


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CIOKS Superpower Bundle

Need a flexible, powerful power solution for your pedalboard? If so, the CIOKS Superpower Bundle is calling your name. This all-encompassing bundle includes both the CIOKS DC7 and CIOKS 9 Expander, providing you with 15 uber-flexible outlets of isolated power. The Superpower Bundle also includes 24 Flex cables and two DC Link cables — everything you need to deliver juice to your power-hungry stompboxes. If you're tired of searching for a reliable power solution for your board, your search stops with the CIOKS Superpower Bundle.

The CIOKS DC7 packs a 7-outlet isolated power supply into a minuscule 1-inch form factor. This versatile power supply offers four different voltages on each outlet, enabling it to power nearly any pedal, along with a 5-volt USB outlet and a 24-volt auxiliary outlet. Comprehensive metering alerts you to the status of each outlet, the status of the unit, and your total power load. The DC7 mounts effortlessly underneath most pedalboards with the included mounting hardware. This feature-packed power supply comes with a universal mains input works anywhere in the world. It’s hard to beat the CIOKS DC7 in terms of a low-profile isolated power supply for your pedalboard.

  • 7-outlet isolated power supply in a minuscule 1-inch form factor
  • 2-stage switch-mode design includes low-noise multi-stage filtering
  • Each outlet is switchable between 9V, 12V, 15V, or 18V for maximum compatibility
  • 5V USB outlet for charging your smartphone or tablet
  • 24V auxiliary output for expansion via CIOKS 4 or CIOKS 8 units (both sold separately)
  • Advanced LED monitoring alerts you to the status of each outlet
  • Global status LED warns you if you exceed the unit’s 48W power limit
  • 3-LED true power meter gives you at-a-glance confirmation of your total power load
  • Universal mains input works anywhere in the world
  • Includes mounting hardware for Pedaltrain and Temple Audio boards
  • Compatible with CIOKS GRIP for drill-free Pedaltrain mounting (CIOKS GRIP sold separately)

The CIOKS 8 Expander Kit adds an extra eight isolated power outlets to your pedalboard. Not only that, but this small unit is capable of powering almost any pedal on the market. How can one power supply do so much? Each power outlet is individually switchable between 9, 12, 15, and 18 volts, making it easy to give your pedals the voltage they need. Whether you're looking for a compact power supply or an extension for an existing supply, you can't go wrong with the CIOKS 8 Pedal Power Supply

  • Supplies up to 8 pedals with power
  • Works as an expansion for CIOKS DC7 units (power link cable included)
  • Adjustable outlet levels from 9–18V
  • Ultra-compact design saves space on your board
  • Individually isolated power outlets reduce unwanted noise
  • Includes mounting hardware for Pedaltrain and Temple boards

Included Flex Cables:

  • 14 x Standard Flex type 1: 5.5mm/2.1mm center-negative DC plug, black
  • 2 x Standard Flex type 2: 5.5mm/2.1mm center-positive DC plug, red
  • 2 x Standard Flex type 4: 5.5mm/2.5mm center-positive DC plug, green
  • 2 x Standard Flex type 5: tip positive 3.5mm Jack plug, black
  • 2 x Split Flex type 1: powers 2 pedals off a single outlet, black
  • 2 x 3-way daisy-chain Flex type 1: powers 3 pedals off a single outlet, black

Included DC Cables:

  • 1 x L2415: EJAI plug at each end, 15cm/6 inches, black
  • 1 x L2480: EJAI plug at each end, 80cm/31 inches, black