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D Activator-X™ Bridge Model DP222


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 The DiMarzio X2N Bridge Model DP102BK has been the top choice for all-out power for nearly 30 years. DiMarzio has developed totally new ways to combine power with clarity, which first resulted in the D Activator™. The D Activator-X™ Bridge Model features the same striking look and high output as the X2N®, but DiMarzio tuned the coils to different frequencies to allow maximum power wide open with a surprisingly clean sound when the volume control is rolled down, even with extreme metal and high-gain amps. The D Activator-X™ Bridge model features a universal spacing for both standard and F-spaced applications.

Recommended For: Bridge position only.

Tech Talk: The D Activator-X™ bridge model uses the same bar polepieces and magnet structure as the X2N®, but it's a very different pickup in other ways. Output voltage is slightly lower than the X2N®, and the tuning of the two coils allows the high frequencies to "open up" while still maintaining very strong lows and mids. The D Activator-X™ is also very good for clean, bright sounds in split and parallel modes.


Wiring Four conductor
Magnet Ceramic
Output 500mV
DC Resistance 14.51K
Year of introduction 2008
Patent # n/a