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Death by Audio Apocalypse

Death by Audio

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Death by Audio Apocalypse


5 Independent Modes of Operation:

Twin-T Scoup: A uniquely EQ’d tuned amp circuit with pronounced bass and treble at the same time. Good for palm-muted metal tones and more.

Gainiac/War Fuzz: A very full and dynamic distortion with beautiful sustain and harmonics. Sounds like a huge stack of amplifiers.

Dual J-FET/Square Wave: Similar to the War Fuzz setting but with dual J-FETs and a clipped waveform for a balls to the wall sound.

Octave Rect/Octavious: Fullwave Rectification sums the bottom and top halves of a waveform to create a nasty octave up sound.

Gain x1000/Wave Form Shifter: The gain is cranked up super high on this post amp for strange, splatty and blown out results.

Sweepable Frequency Equalizer tone knob for extreme tonal contouring, beginning with a bass booster, fading into a mid scoop followed by a mid boost and into a few stages of treble boosting for a beautiful bright sound.

Additional controls for Volume and Drive.

Powered by 9-volt battery or 9VDC power supply.