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Death by Audio Echo Dream 2

Death by Audio

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Death by Audio Echo Dream 2

It’s a lo-fi  Lo-fi delay with “Advanced Echo Modulation” courtesy of it’s built-in LFO and a preamp fuzz circuit. The Echo Dream 2 builds upon its predecessor, the Echo Dream, with control knobs for Fuzz and Master Volume and is significantly less expensive than the original. If lo-fi delay with modulation is your thing, this may be just the pedal for you.


Control knobs for Echo Delay Time, Echo Feedback, Master Volume, Fuzz Level, Delay Volume, Modulator Speed, and Modulator Depth.
Flip switch for 50/50 Wet/Dry blend and Dry Signal Off.
Flip switch for Sine/Square Mod Shape.
Delay time ranges from 20ms to 1.2 seconds.
Feedback control allows self-oscillating modulation.
Powered by 9-volt battery or 9-18VDC Adapter.