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Diezel VH4 Pedal


Diezel VH4 Pedal

For more than 20 years, the jaw-dropping tone of the DIEZEL VH4 amplifier has been heard on the world's biggest stages. Now Peter Diezel has made all the lush, dynamic overdrive character of the VH4's famous third channel in a rugged, built in USA, preamp pedal which delivers an authentic representation of it's namesake.  The entire signal architecture is faithfully reproduced: Bass, Mid, Treble and Variable Deep & Presence controls allow you to tailor the unique overdrive character of the legendary VH4.amp.


Gain, Bass, Middle, Treble:  Shapes the EQ and adjusts the overall gain.

Deep: Increases the ultra low frequency content - simulating the DEEP control on the VH4 amplifier. 

Presence: Contours the high frequency content - simulating the PRESENCE control on the VH4 amplifier.  

Master: Adjust the overall volume of the pedal.

Guitar input: Connect your guitar to this input.

Out to guitar amp: Connect to the front end of your amplifier.

Out to power amp: Connect to rack mount power amplifier or the return jack of your amp’s effects loop.

12-18V Center Negative Included is a universal 12V power supply and 18V splitter cable.