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DiMarzio Acoustic Model™ DP130BK


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 The DiMarzio Acoustic ModelTM is a piezo-electric transducer that can be mounted at any location on the guitars top. A non-hardening putty is used to mount the pickup, allowing easy removal. Each acoustic guitar has its own balance of highs, mids and lows. By experimenting with the position of the transducer, you can determine the spot that achieves the best tone for your needs. The Acoustic ModelTM works on steel, bronze and nylon string instruments.

Recommended For:

Stringed acoustic instruments with flat surfaces.

Tech Talk:

This is a very useful pickup on any instrument with a flat, vibrating surface. As well as on acoustic guitars of all types, weve seen the Acoustic Model used on autoharps, mandolins, upright basses and violins.


Wiring Single conductor
DC Resistance
Year of introduction 1979