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DiMarzio Air Classic™ Bridge Model DP191


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 The Air Classic™ goes beyond vintage to create the ultimate PAF® sound. Instead of simply copying the design of 50's humbuckers by using Alnico II or aged Alnico V magnets, the patented magnet structure not only reduces string-pull but increases harmonic overtones and sensitivity to pick attack. This means there is more control over the musical subtleties that allow good players to create their own individual sounds.

Recommended for: Bridge position when combined with Air Classic™ neck model or most single coils, neck position in combination with hotter humbuckers. For all solidbody, hollow and semihollowbody guitars.

Tech Talk: There's no doubt that a weak magnetic field allows a vibrating string to ring longer, but the standard Alnico II/ weakened Alnico 5 method also muddies the tone the longer the string sustains. By contrast, the Airbucker magnetic field preserves high end sustain; it's easier to capture and hold harmonic feedback at varied frequencies, and chords maintain better clarity.


Wiring Four conductor
Magnet Alnico 5
Output 226mV
DC Resistance 8.62K
Year of introduction 1995
Patent # 5,399,802