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DiMarzio Air Norton 7™ Seven String Model DP793


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The 6-string version of the Air Norton™ has proven to be an effective, versatile pickup in both neck and bridge positions, and the Air Norton 7™ extends the same qualities to 7-string guitars. In the neck position, the sound is warm and well-defined equally useful with clean or overdriven amps. In the bridge position, the sound is very solid and harmonically rich. In overdrive mode, it has a very distinctive voice that has both vintage and modern qualities. The Air Norton 7™ comes with 4-conductor cable.

Recommended For: Solid body and semi hollow body guitars.

Tech Talk: In the neck position, the Air Norton 7™ is a warm, open-sounding pickup with enough power to balance with higher-output bridge pickups like the Tone Zone 7™, Blaze Custom™ and Evolution 7™. In the bridge position, the sound is medium output with solid lows and biting harmonics. It matches up well with the PAF 7™ or Blaze™ neck model in the neck position. Due to the use of Virtual Vintage® technology in the coil construction, split and parallel modes are also very effective; the sound is very vintage single-coil, without a severe volume drop.


Wiring Four conductor
Magnet Ceramic
Output 260mV
DC Resistance 13.34K
Year of introduction 2001
Patent # 4,501,185 and 5,908,998