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DiMarzio Air Norton S DP180


The DiMarzio Air Norton S DP180 is the Strat replacement version of the full-size Dimarzio Air Norton. It 's warm-sounding, very well balanced, and has the same unique tonal characteristics as the original. The original Air Norton wasn 't designed for a specific position or type of guitar, but it 's become most popular in the neck position of trem-equipped guitars for progressive music (thanks, John!). The S version is also a very good bridge pickup for all types of rock. Its combination of medium output and harmonic bite are very effective for single-note soloing as well as chords.

Recommended For: All positions

Tech Talk: The original Airbuckers have an air gap between the magnet and the polepieces. The Air Norton S doesn 't have this feature, but the sound, output and feel are so similar to the original that we couldn 't call it anything else. It 's very good in the neck position with a Tone Zone S or Super Distortion S in the bridge, or in the bridge position with a Pro Track or Chopper in the neck. We like the Cruiser or Fast Track 1 in the middle with either setup for brighter sounds in the 2, 3 and 4 positions.


Wiring Four Conductor
Magnet Ceramic
Output 280mV
DC Resistance 11.21K
Year of introduction 2007
Patent #  4501185