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DiMarzio Blaze Bridge Seven String Bridge Model DP702


 The DiMarzio Blaze Bridge Model bears a strong resemblance to the DiMarzio Steve's Special Bridge Model DP161. The mids are scooped out, and both treble and bass are boosted. The hot bass response gives the seventh string a lot of impact, while opening up the midrange keeps it from getting muddy. This enables the Blaze Bridge Model to handle both fast soloing and clean chords, because individual notes won't smear together with heavy overdrive, and clean sounds have an almost "hi-fi" quality.

Tech Talk: DiMarzio designed the Blaze Bridge Model with a scooped midrange, to keep the low seventh string as bright and open-sounding as possible. Chords are very clean, and even heavy overdrive retains a lot of definition.


Wiring Four conductor
Magnet Ceramic
Output 380mV
DC Resistance 20.75K
Year of introduction 1990
Patent # 4,501,185