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DiMarzio Chopper T DP384


DiMarzio Chopper T DP384 The DiMarzio Chopper T is the louder, punchier brother of the Fast Track T . More power is concentrated in the mids and low end for a bigger sound with more crunch. It shares the same side-by-side coils and twin-blade construction as the Fast Track T , so there are no string alignment or magnet-pull problems. And of course, there 's no noise.

Recommended For: Standard Tele bridge position.

Tech Talk: Not exactly the traditional Tele bridge sound, the Chopper T has less twang and more chunk. This makes for a solid blues sound. 250K controls (the usual value on most Teles) will produce a warm sound without much high-end bite: 500K controls will open the top end up more and brighten up the low strings as well.


Wiring Four Conductor
Magnet Ceramic
Output 260mV
DC Resistance 9.19K
Year of introduction 1994
Patent #  4501185