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DiMarzio D Sonic 7 Seven String Bridge Model DP706


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 Clarity, warm tone and high output are the qualities that define the D Sonic John Petrucci agrees. He's had a lot of recent experience playing the D Sonic on his 6-string guitars, so when he wanted the same sound from his 7-string, we couldn't say no. The D Sonic combination of clean and heavy that works so well with high gain amps for both chords and soloing makes a great choice for a 7-string bridge pickup. The high strings sing and the low strings growl.

Recommended For: Bridge position

Tech Talk: As with the 6-string D Sonic the character of the sound can be altered by reversing the installation direction. This can be particularly important because of the effect it will have on the low B string. With the solid bar polepiece towards the neck, the low B will be fat and heavy. With the bar towards the bridge, the sound will be tighter with more attack. The solid bar coil is also warmer-sounding, so two different single-coil sounds are available with coil-splitting.


Wiring Four conductor
Magnet Ceramic
Output 390mV
DC Resistance 12.03K
Year of introduction 2006
Patent # 4,501,185 and 5908998