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DiMarzio Evolution 7 Bridge Model DP704BK


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 The basic characteristics of the 6-String Evolution bridge model sound like a perfect description for a 7-string lead pickup: power, attack and presence. Combining the basic Evolution design with Virtual Vintage technology results in a 7-string pickup possessing crunching lows and intense highs. The output of the Evolution 7 is concentrated towards the upper mids and treble, so there's a lot of cutting power, and the low end stays hot and clear.

Recommended for: Bridge position.

Tech Talk: Making a 7-string version of a pre-existing 6-string pickup is not a simple matter of copying specs. Particularly with a high-output pickup, it's important that the low B string doesn't get muddy-sounding. DiMarzio made the Evolution 7 's coils brighter-sounding than the 6-string version to make sure this doesn't happen. They then used some of the same technology that went into the Virtual Vintage design to warm up the sound of the high strings without affecting the low B. The bass strings have a lot of clean power and the high strings cut through without sounding thin.


Wiring Four conductor
Magnet Ceramic
Output 420mV
DC Resistance 14.09K
Year of introduction 2000
Patent # 4,501,185 and 5,908,998