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DiMarzio Evolution Bridge Model DP159


DiMarzio Evolution Bridge Model DP159 The Evolution humbucker is the result of years of research to come up with the right sound for a very demanding player -- Steve Vai. This pickup is designed for maximum impact and power. The sound is tight, aggressive and loud. The design incorporates our patented dual-resonance coil configuration that senses more harmonic overtones than ordinary humbuckers.

Recommended For:

Bridge position in solid body guitars.

Tech Talk:

The Evolution bridge pickup works best for soloing where the sound must cut through. Low notes are very tight, and the highs have a lot of presence, enabling the pickup to be heard in almost any situation. Obviously, the Evolution was designed for Steve's Ibanez Jems, but it can add a lot of punch and definition to Les Pauls and similar set-neck guitars - even the lowest bass notes really jump out of the amp, and feedback occurs easily with a wide range of harmonic overtones.


Wiring Standard four conductor
Magnet Ceramic
Output 404mV
DC Resistance 13.84K
Year of introduction 1993
Patent # 4,501,185