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DiMarzio HS-3 DP117


DiMarzio HS-3 DP117 DiMarzio EQed the HS-3 with a broad low-end while gently rolling back the top. The result is warmth without a glaring high-end; just right for the guitar that needs more body and less screech. The HS-3 hum-free design lends itself to any performance situation. Try HS-3 pickups in a recording environment no more dumping your best solo because of single-coil noise on the track.

The smooth tone curves of the HS-3 produce a sweet over-drive tone without jagged edges. Coupled with the more glassy, transparent sound of the HS-2 pickup in the neck and middle positions, HS-3 pickups add a warmer, fatter tone to round out your sound.

Recommended For:

All positions.

Tech Talk:

Works well in all 3 positions on a Strat for a slightly warmer-than-usual Strat sound. Also works well as a bridge pickup with YJM (neck) and HS-2 (middle). Combines in middle and neck positions with bridge humbuckers like PAF Pro , PAF , Air Classic and Norton .


Wiring Standard four conductor
Magnet Alnico 5
Output 93mV
DC Resistance 23.72K
Year of introduction 1980
Patent # 4,442,749