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DiMarzio P-90 Super Distortion™ Model DP209


 A Super Distortion® in a P-90 cover? Cool! The DiMarzio Super Distortion® has been the industry standard since its introduction in the early 70s. The new P-90 Super Distortion is our highest-output humbucking soapbar replacement, and it gives players with guitars routed for P-90-style pickups the ability to upgrade their pickups without any modification to the guitar. Like the original Super Distortion®, it has 12 adjustable polepieces and four-conductor wiring for split and parallel humbucking modes.

Recommended For:

Solid body guitars.

Tech Talk:

Because of its slightly different coil architecture, the P-90 Super Distortion has a little smoother treble response than the original, which you’ll hear mostly at the higher frets.  Like the original Super Distortion®, the P-90 version was intended primarily for use in the bridge position. It can also be used in the neck position, where you’ll get the best results with most amplifier’s clean or moderate-gain channels. Parallel and split wiring drop the volume and increase treble response, and these modes are equally useful in any position. 


Cover Dimensions 3.38" x 1.38" x 0.75" (86 x 35 x 19 mm)
Standard four conductor
Magnet Ceramic
Output 400 mV
DC Resistance 12.82 K
Year of introduction 2003