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DiMarzio PAF 36th Anniversary DP103


DiMarzio PAF 36th Anniversary DP103 To celebrate their 36th Anniversary, DiMarzio has released a new version of the PAF pickup.

What makes a great vintage humbucker? A soft magnetic field, sweet tone, a perfect balance between warmth and clarity, the ability to go from clean to distorted by pick attack alone. There are many pickups that capture some of these qualities, but we wanted to build them all into one pickup, and this is it. Totally redesigned for 2008, we bring you the new DiMarzio PAF available in standard or F-spacing. Partly based on the pickups in Larry DiMarzio's own 1959 Les Paul and partly on our own patented technology, the PAF will perform equally well in the neck or bridge position, just as the best humbuckers from the '50s did. Want to go totally retro? The PAF in standard spacing is available with authentic vintage bobbins in glossy black, glossy double cream or glossy black & cream zebra; vintage "Patent Applied For" long-legged nickel-silver base, 1-conductor cable and your choice of polished and plated or vintage worn cover.

Recommended For: All positions

Tech Talk: There is no reference standard for the sound of a humbucker from the 1950s. All of them had variations in output and tone, and these differences could be quite large. Recently, we have focused our research on making pickups with warm highs and bright lows. This combination is only found in our favorite vintage humbuckers, and its really good for a pickup intended for both the neck and bridge positions. It allows the bass strings in the neck position to avoid muddiness, and the treble strings in the bridge position to be warm and not brittle.


Wiring Four conductor
Magnet Alnico 5
Output 250mV
DC Resistance 7.31K
Year of introduction 2008
Patent # 5,399,802 and 5,908,998