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DiMarzio PAF 7™ Seven String Model DP759


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 As the popularity of 7-string guitars has grown, so has the demand for a clean-sounding, lower-output pickup that performs like the classic humbuckers of the late 50s. Far from being a modification to a 6-string design, the PAF® 7 is specifically designed for 7-string guitars, and incorporates some of the same technology employed in the Virtual Vintage® pickup series to produce a sound that’s both clean and open on the low notes and warm and rounded on the highs. The PAF® 7 comes with 4-conductor cable.

Recommended For: All Positions

Tech Talk: It's a well-known fact that humbuckers from the 1950s employed Alnico 2, 3 or 5. DiMarzio found that by using a ceramic magnet in the PAF 7™ DiMarzio could achieve the same low magnet-pull as Alnico 2 or 3, with the power of Alnico 5. The ceramic magnet keeps the sound of the low strings bright and clean, and Virtual Vintage™ technology inside the coils is responsible for warm high notes and the playing feel of '50s humbuckers.


Wiring Four conductor
Magnet Ceramic
Output 220mV
DC Resistance 7.23K
Year of introduction 2000
Patent # 5,908,998