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DiMarzio PAF Joe DP213


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DiMarzio PAF Joe DP213 The PAF Joe is the neck pickup that DiMarzio developed for Joe Satriani. Joe wanted a neck position humbucker that combines the best qualities of  the DiMarzio PAF Pro with  those of a late '50s Gibson humbucker. Joe described this tone as being "tubular". Through the use of Virtual Vintage technology, clear-sounding low frequencies are blended with warm-sounding mids and high frequencies, which makes the PAF Joe equally good for chords and single notes. It was first used by Joe throughout the 2003 G3 tour. Available in all standard DiMarzio colors.

Recommended For:

All positions, solid, semi-solid and hollow-body electric guitars.

Tech Talk:

What does tubular mean? In this case, it means making low notes "speak" more clearly while giving high notes a rounder voicing. This accomplishes two goals: chords have better definition, and single notes at higher fret positions remain warm-sounding rather than getting thinner. The PAF Joe has slightly less power than the PAF Pro . It balances well with bridge pickups like the PAF Pro , FRED , Breed neck model, Air Norton and Norton


Wiring Standard four conductor
Magnet Ceramic
Output 272mV
DC Resistance 8.26 Kohm
Year of introduction 2004
Patent # 5,908,998