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DiMarzio Red Velvet ® Bridge Pickup DP174


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 The difference between a vintage Strat ® bridge pickup sound and a classic Broadcaster ® or Tele ® tone is mostly a matter of attack and definition - the Strat ® stings and screams, while the Tele ® punches and sings. We thought it would be neat to have a Strat ® pickup that does both, and this is it. The punch comes from the bottom-loaded Power Plate , the sting from custom coil-winding and the True Velvet magnet stagger, and a unique mid-range, growl that 's a result of a hand-calibrated magnet structure. Try a Red Velvet bridge pickup with a pair of True Velvet pickups for a sound that 's both classic and new.

Recommended For: All positions

Tech Talk: One of the obvious effects of mounting a plate on the bottom of a pickup is to boost the magnetic field. We wanted the bigger sound that the plate provides, but we didn't want any increased magnet-pull, so we calibrate the magnetic field of every Red Velvet after it's assembled. The Red Velvet was originally designed for the bridge position, but it will also work well in the neck and middle, where it can be combined with a bridge humbucker like the Air Classic


Wiring Two conductor
Magnet Alnico 5
Output 180mV
DC Resistance 8.52K
Year of introduction 1994
Patent # n/a