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DiMarzio The Chopper DP184


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 The DiMarzio Chopper is the louder, punchier brother of the Dimarzio Fast Track 1. More power is concentrated in the mids and low end for a bigger sound with more crunch. It shares the same side-by-side coils and twin-blade construction as the Fast Track 1 so there are no misaligned poles or string-pull problems. DiMarzio originally designed it as a bridge pickup to combine with The Cruiser and Fast Track 1 but it is also a good neck pickup when you have got a hot humbucker in the bridge position.

Recommended For: All positions.

Tech Talk: Excellent choice to fatten tone and increase power of Strat bridge position. Can be combined with 2 Fast Track 1 pickups orDimarzio The Cruiser DP187 neck and Fast Track 1 middle.


Wiring Standard four conductor
Magnet Ceramic
Output 260mV
DC Resistance 9.19K
Year of introduction 1994
Patent # 4,501,185