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DiMarzio Tone Zone 7™ Seven String Bridge Model DP755


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 The Tone Zone 7™ is not merely an adaptation of the original Tone Zone®, but a new design from the ground up for 7-string guitars. It incorporates lower magnet-pull and coils specifically calibrated to reproduce the full impact of the low B string without any loss of tone quality or fidelity. The Tone Zone 7™ comes with 4-conductor cable.

Recommended For: Bridge

Tech Talk: DiMarzio wanted to retain the power and sound of the Tone Zone® in the Tone Zone 7™, but we also wanted to reduce the magnet-pull to let the low B string resonate better. We found the best way to do this was to use a ceramic magnet, rather than the Alnico 5 magnet employed in the original Tone Zone®. The physical differences between 7 and 6-string pickups allowed us to alter the construction of the Tone Zone 7™ so that it performs as if it has an Alnico magnet, but its ceramic magnet is actually more stable over time, and there's about 40% less magnet pull.


Wiring Four conductor
Magnet Ceramic
Output 385mV
DC Resistance 17.86K
Year of introduction 2000
Patent # 4,501,485