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DiMarzio Twang King™ Tele Bridge Model DP173


 This is the bridge half of DiMarzio's first pair of matched Tele replacement pickups. Each Twang King is built by hand with exclusive winding techniques that give the guitar more attack while keeping that famous single-coil sound. It delivers the finest vintage sound combined with improved string balance and solid DiMarzio construction. The bridge pickup, DP173, comes with a base plate installed, and it's dipped in wax after assembly for quiet performance.

Recommended For:

Standard Tele bridge position.

Tech Talk:

The Twang King Neck was not modeled after a specific original. Instead, it combines the best tonal qualities of several Broadcaster and Telecaster pickups from the '50s and early '60s. DiMarzio was aiming for a balance between big, clean lows and fatter-sounding highs, and they wanted the pickup to be able to handle a very wide dynamic range, so the sound would clean up with soft picking and really open up with a harder attack.


Wiring Two Conductor Classic
Magnet Alnico 5
Output 198mv
DC Resistance 8.07K
Year of introduction 1995